Sunday, 17 April 2011

Alice in Wonderland jewellery

Welcome to my new blog all dedicated to the wonderful world of Alice in Wonderland jewellery. I absolutely adore Alice in wonderland and everything to do with this enchanted story. I started making Alice in Wonderland jewellery a few years ago and my jewellery designs became extremely popular with Alice fans. I combined my love of Alice in Wonderland with my other jewellery passion, vintage inspired jewellery designs. I feel this gave my jewellery designs a unique look which I get lot's of lovely comments about for buyers. I have a large collection of Alice in Wonderland jewellery featuring all your favourite characters from the Lewis Carroll book such as The Mad Hatter, The White Rabbit, The March Hare, Alice, The Caterpillar, The Cheshire Cat, The Queen of Hearts and many more...

I make a range of Alice in Wonderland jewellery designs from charm bracelets, necklaces, earrings, brooches, and birthday cards.

All my designs are hand made to make them truly an item to cherish. Better yet all my jewellery designs come beautifully packaged, so you can be sure they will make a beautiful present or even a treat for yourself.

Occasionally I take on commissions on my jewellery items to customise designs, but this will depend on my time availability.

As always you can find my Alice in Wonderland collection on my website

Here are a few of my Alice in Wonderland jewellery designs:

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