Sunday, 17 April 2011

Alice in Wonderland red roses charm bracelet

This is my best selling Alice in Wonderland charm bracelet. As I can’t seem to make enough before I put them on the site ordering this item is now slightly different. After you have purchased this bracelet I will get to work making it. The turn around time for this will be no more than 1 week. Once the item is made and in the post I will let you know straight away! All my jewellery designs are beautifully gift packaged so you can be sure these will make a gorgeous gift. This Alice in wonderland bracelet has been made to look vintage inspired and I have carefully selected the charms and other parts that make up this wonderful charm bracelet. This really is one stunning bracelet!


Materials used:
-Gold plated charms
-Brass Alice in Wonderland charms
-Alice, The Mad Hatter, The White Rabbit, The March Hare, The Cheshire Cat, The Queen of Hearts
-Brass charm settings with Alice in Wonderland illustrations
-Glass pearls
-Glass drink me bottle
-Red satin ribbon

Important:- As all my items are hand made these bracelets will differ from the bracelet pictured. I have many different charms and the illustrated Alice in Wonderland charms may vary in shape and design. The pictures may also vary. I will make sure that each bracelet has a drink me bottle, red roses, red bow and glass pearls but the rest of it may be different to the picture you see so please bare this in mind when ordering. Your bracelet will still be stunning!

As always my Alice in Wonderland jewellery creations can be found on my website.

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